Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cinderella dress - no pattern for Halloween costume??


  Lil' AC has a very long list of princess dresses for me to make her. Of course, I've promised to make each one she's asked for. Since there were lots of sales going on over Labor Day weekend, we hit JoAnn's to buy fabric. I purchased 3 fabrics from the costume fabric rack to make this...

  1. Silver sparkle mesh - 1/3 yard (60'ish inch wide). Used for design on bodice. Regular price $6.99 -30% off = $4.89/yard. Cost for 1/3 yard = $1.63.  I have plenty left over and will be using the rest for the accessories (gloves, headband and possible necklace/choker).
  2. Blue Bell Solid Crushed Velvet Stretch fabric - 1/2 yard (58" width). Used for the bodice. Regular price 5.99 - 30% off = $4.19/yard. Cost for 1/2 yard = $2.10. I have a modest amount of fabric left over and will use this to make accessories (gloves, headband, and choker)
  3. Blue Costume Glitter Satin - 1.5 yards (45" width). Used for sleeves and skirt portion. Regular price $4.99 - 30% off = $3.49/yard. Cost for 1.5 yards = $5.24. I have almost nothing left over. Maybe 4" x 45" strip of fabric. I think it's enough to make the headband with.
The total fabric cost was $7.34 + tax. The remaining supplies I already had on hand (Velcro and bodice embellishment).

Lil' AC is between a 3T and 4T. She's thin (3T) but the length of a 4T is right for her. Use your judgement on the amount of fabric you will need for your Cinderella dress.

Since I had used Ashley's technique to make a colonial dress for my niece, it should be a snap to follower her instructions to actually make her the Cinderella dress. Things went very smoothly and I knocked out the dress in one day. (Well, that's not EXACTLY true... I did hand sew the hem the next morning.) There are a couple of things I would do differently when I go to make my next princess dress. (Remember, lil' AC has a very long list!). Instead of 3 strips of Velcro, I decided to use one long strip. I was happy with that variation but I would attach the Velcro differently next time to avoid those 3 sew lines.
When constructing the back closure, Ashley suggests folding the seam over 1/4" and then another 1/4" and sew in place. That creates the sew line on the far left. Next time, I think I will just fold over 1/2' and glue baste that down and sew the Velcro piece on to permanently hold down that seam. I also decided to eliminate the waist gap between those puffy side panels. To do this, I stitched the back closed at the base of the dress (basically adhered the Velcro and stitched at the bottom). Finding the center back seam and front seam, I lined up the edges of the puffy side panels so that they touched but did not over lap. Also, I started out with a 22"x22" square for my puffy side panels and then made my circles.


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