Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Stitched Christmas

For Christmas this year, I decided to indulge my latest sewing obession...APRONS!!! I absolutely love them. There are so many variations. The vintage ones are my favorite. Love the ones made out of old hankies or with hand embordiered designs. Those hand embroidered designs remind me of when my grandmother was teaching me how to hand embroider. I believe the lesson started so that I could earn one of my girl scout badges. Turned out that I really enjoyed working on those projects. Just as I finished one, she'd show up with another preprinted piece of white cotton for me to work on. I loved the little french knots she taught me. I still have all those samples.... somewhere. Sorry, got a little side tracked. Back to the aprons. I sewed aprons for my sister-in-laws and one neice (who enjoys being in the kitchen). I THINK they liked them. I sewed 4 aprons from a book called A is for Apron. I absolutely LOVE all the aprons in this book. However, I was NOT happy with the instructions in this book or the way some of the apron seemed to leave some seams unfinished. The 1st apron I made, Cosmopolitan, turned out great but I did not like the way the directions called for leaving the middle inside seam exposed by just trimming it down. Seems to me that it would of unraveled when washed. I ended up folding the seam over and stitching it down so that it looked neater. Also, this apron needed a very good pressing. When I sewed the seam binding around all the edges, the ties seemed to bow up quite a bit. I honestly didn't think that pressing it was going to lay it flat but much to my delight it did! My favorite apron turned out to be the Lorelei. I think I liked it the best because of the fabric I selected. I'll post photos soon.

Here's the Lorelei apron I made for my SIL... sorry, I don't have a detailed photo of the arpon but I didn't get my new camera until Christmas and all the gifts were already wrapped.